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We will be your guide to the wondrous world that is called East-Africa. Our agency provides a pure travel experience for an unforgettable journey. By choosing quality over quantity we can work on location to ensure our services are low-impact, sustainable and helping the local economy.

Our safaris are personal handpicked programs, showcasing national parks in a way you haven’t seen before. From gorilla tracking or tree climbing lions to authentic villages, by combining nature and culture we can deliver a full experience of what Africa has in store for us. The team consists of well trained tour guides that will show you all must see locations at our 3 destinations: Uganda, Rwanda and Congo.



No travelbudget is the same, we know.

That’s why we organized our trips into 3 options.

For the wanderers seeking true connections with nature we created the ADVENTURE package: back to the basics! Think tent lodges, stargazings and in close contact with all the life around you.

Besides that we have the FAMILY package, focussing on that little bit extra comfort during your stay. Accommodations are well equipped, family-sized  with facilities like swimming pools so you can relax after a long day of hiking.

If that isn’t enough and you want the ultimate experience, we proudly present the EXCLUSIVE package. Here we go all in, the best lodges, all the facilities we could think of and ofcourse: the same extraordinary safaris we are know for.

“Glad we chose 2travel2safaris for our safari to Uganda!”

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“Amazing group, amazing guides, amazing country! Loved every second of it.”

Quote 2 – Traveled to Congo

“A once-in-a-lifetime experience to see gorilla’s in their natural habitat.”

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“Everything was perfectly organised! The tours, activities, food and lodges, we never felt like we missed something.”

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“The wildlife we saw during the tracking and tours was absolutely wonderful!”

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“I would definitely recommend 2travel2safaris if you’re looking for a memorable trip to Uganda!”

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“My highlight of our tour was definitely the gorilla tracking, seeing them from so close was extraordinary!”

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“Together with a wonderful group of people, we experienced the beauty of Uganda.”

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“All the national parks we have visited and wildlife we have seen, have made an unforgettable impression. Uganda exceeded our expectations!”

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“If you’re a fan of nature, wildlife and Africa then 2travel2safaris will offer you a wonderful and memorable tour!”

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